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One design sails 


In our sailmaking company we pay a great attention to the OPTIMIST sails. We have spent several hours developing, projecting and testing optimist sails. We all the time improve our knowledge about its static and dynamics. So we try our best to develop a better, stronger and faster optimist sail. With the accurate production line, we guarantee our best, so every sail is a top quality product.
Despite radial cut sails, which have become very popular in the world market, we decided to stay on the cross-cut design and our decision has already brought us some excellent results. Our red Sails still win at the world most famous regattas.
With three models: SMALL up to 38 kg, MEDIUM from 38 to 48 kg and LARGE model from 48 kg and up, we offer our costumers a top quality product, so success is guaranteed. 

Cruising sails

Cruising sails are not so difficult to fabricate as the racing sails are, but we still try to offer the customer an excellent product. Sails for cruising performance are mostly made of Dacron. It is much more resistant to the weather influences. In our company we use only best dacron materials (Dimension polyant, Bainbridge) to give our costumers best sails.

Racing sails

Racing sails are much more difficult to make, because of their special and particular shape. A special method and elevate experience in sailmaking are also needed. As sailors maybe already know, racing boats have a large number of different sails, a ifferent sail for a different type of wind. Some boats can have up to 15 different sails. First we choose what type of cloth we are going to use to fabricate the sail. We can start from the cheapest material as mylar and proceed to the much more expensive as kevlar or carbon fiber. In SUPREME SAILS we offer only the best materials available on the world market.
What are the essential characteristics of a racing sail? Wrathfulness and weight. The sailmaker gives the sail a particular shape that must last for whole its usage, which it can be performed only with particular fibers (kevlar, carbon...).During sailing, the sail is under full-strength of different static and dynamic forces, that stresses the fibers inside the sail and forces the sail to enlarge. Thanks to high-tech materials that is no longer possible, because fibers are capable to deal with that forces so the sail keeps its shape. As we mentioned better materials are much stronger and also lighter, which drastically reduces the sails weight.
In SUPREME SAILS after years of experience we already product many racing sails for different racing boats (ESIMIT, PAIKEA, FIRST 36.7, 40.7, 44.7 in many others), which are still winning important regattas.


Besides sails we also offer other accessories:

A sail bag made for protecting the main sail from UV and other weather influences. We use a special high resistant fabric SUNBRELLA, so the main sail is fully protected and it can last much longer. Lazy bag includes battens, ropes (lazy jack) and pulleys.

To enthusiastic and summer sailors we offer the gennaker sock, which gives much easier handling the gennaker during sailing.

A protection cover for the steering wheel made of SUNBRELLA :